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Gmen Episode 0 – Gmen… In Beta!

Episode 0: Gmen … In Beta!

First episode is here. We definitely had our share of issues getting out of the gate: a missing host, recording software set up, among other things. But here it is. In all its unpolished glory. See below for the links to everything we discussed. Also, don’t forget to e-mail or twitter us you comments or suggestions!

http://1link.in/lvfnp –  All the links for the entire show opening in separate tabs. All the work done for you! Just click ‘Open’!

Or see below for individual links.

Shark Boat

Implantable Antenna

Cell Phone Dress

Is it intentionally phallic? Periscope Camera

Japanese Ice Cream Serving Robot

Toshiba Libretto

U(seless)SB – Doc Marten’s Flash Drive

Watch Watch – Ye Olde Google Maps Navigator

47″ Touch Screen Vending Machine:

Ostoure Superbike


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