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Episode 1: Now with more Phatemokid!

Episode 1: Now with 100% more Phatemokid!

We finally have everyone on board for our first official show. Everything went much smoother this time (after we got done arguing about the line up. Perhaps that will be posted as bonus content in the future.) We discuss how Aric’s parents are awesome, potential culinary adventures, oh, and some gadgets as well. Enjoy the show and as always if there is anything you’d like to email us about, hit us up at: thegmenshow@gmail.com

and now for the links…

One link (Opens all links in tabs in one browser)

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

Mouse Bridge

iControl Pad


Game Crush

Pain Laser

Sharps Plasmacluster Ion Generator

DIY Space Mission

Hand Powered Car

Wii Balance Board Babymobile

LG E-Paper

Griffin Party Dock


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