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Episode 2: ‘G’ is for ‘Guest’

Episode 2: ‘G’ is for ‘Guest’

After having one full episode with the all three hosts Phatemokid is booked so honorary Gman, Jordan Nardick is filling in for him today. It’s been a slow week for gadgets, so we ended up with a lot of stuff from the Gizmodo, which leads Iyaz to a lovely rant about quality journalism. Jordan lends us his engineering expertiece to help determine if a child’s toy is intentionally phallic and the team nearly implodes after a heated argument about television aspect ratio.

http://1link.in/znnlo – One link opens all links in tabs in one broswer.

The Woogie iPod Case

New iPods

Bugatti Watch Winder

Tractror Beam

Fully Automatic Nerf Gun

Combination Urinal and Sink

Cup Holder Speaker

Voice to Text Glassses

Philips 21:9 3D TV

Mini USB Drive

2:3 Scale Jaguar

Boob Measuring iPhone App

Apple Peel

Waist Warmer

Dual Screen Kno Tablet

Optical Illusion on the Road


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