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Episode 3: …and I’ll Form the Head!

Episode 3: …and I’ll Form the Head!

Aric can’t get his act together and ends up phoning it in for this episode and that’s just one small piece of the myriad of technological issues we had bringing you this fine podcast. But hey, we pushed through! Why? Because we love you guys and are just that committed to bringing you quality programming. BSODs and Skype aside we had a great time. Iyaz goes fanboy over a Voltron flash drive while discounting Andrew’s own lion-based childhood. Aric finds true love with the military’s new IED disarming device which he has lovingly named the “Water Shank” and Andrew drives away all our listener with the Boil Buoy. Get the links below.

Don’t forget to e-mail or twitter us you suggestions: thegmenshow@gmail.com, @thegmenshow, @frontline99, @phatemokid and @iyaz

http://1link.in/sjkqj – Opens all links in tabs in a single browser window

Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote

Traffic Watch – Watch Watch

7″ View Sonic Tablet

Ring Mouse

Voltron Flash Drive U(seless)SB

Growing Up Skipper – Back in the Day

Fan Vision – Man Cave

Study Says: 3D Sucks – 3D Sucks

Boil Buoy

Water “shank”

WTF Should I make for Dinner


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