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Episode 4: Items of Questionably Phallic Intention

Episode 4 – Items of Questionably Phallic Intention

Today Aric is back in the studio, er, at his studio, er, well, he’s not on the phone this time. Skype was very cooperative today and allowed us to discuss how much we don’t wanna get old, but if we do, we’re gonna mow those young punks, with their wacky fauxhawk hair cuts, pants on the ground and Justin Bieber records, straight the hell down!! We ponder over a turd on wheels (and that’s not a euphemism for Gizmodo’s reporting, which Iyaz gets into later), a magic pen that lets you neglect your children and how to stay clean without exerting to much effort. What you won’t hear is anything about a vegetable peeler. We definitely don’t talk about them in this show. If we had started to talk about one, it would have been edited out in post because that’s stupid and no one would wanna hear about that crap. Absolutely. No. Vegetable. Peelers.

Also check out the end of the show to hear all the different places you can find us at. We’ve all become major internet celebrities since this show got under way!

One link. Opens all links in one window in seperate tabs.

Tokyo Flash Watch is Understandable – Watch Watch

Mobile Tredmill – Geriatric Death

Spray on Shirt – NSFW (BOOBIES!!!)

Movie Theatre Bus – Retro Cool

Digital Measuring Thimble – Intentionally Phallic?


Neglect Pen

bodysof soap dispenser

New Peek device!

NES Bed Set

Star Trek Urn

Biometric Wallet

Wine Dispenser

Lenovo Lap Top Charger


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