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Episode 5: Intel’s Happy Ending

Episode 5: Intel’s Happy Ending

This week Iyaz is out doing his domestic duties so we have Gigawhat‘s Derrick Chen filling in for him, though he is decidedly less angry than Iyaz. We have more crap from Tokyo Flash, a watch that makes you wanna vomit, A new way to save a life while simultaneously getting a girl out of her undies and a Glock for Granny. (Actually it’s a Walther PPK) Also, Aric is unimpressed by the homemade coil gun, Derrick defends the Peek and Andrew offends every minority group there is. As always, don’t forget to e-mail or twitter us you comments or suggestions.

1 link – http://1link.in/gzpzf

Quick burns 1 link – http://1link.in/dkikh

Optical Illusion Watch

Surgical Mask Bra

Gold Plated iPad


Porcelain PPK

Coil Gun

Intel Upgrade Scam


Peek 9

Mozilla Concept Phone

SteelSeries Keyboard

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Goldfish Sink

Measuring Sink

Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case

Slave Leia BBQ Apron



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