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Episode 6: Enter Sandman

Episode 6

This week we finally have video… except not. We experimented with a few video recording options, but the results are embarassing (and coming from this show you know that has to be bad). So we have audio for you and a lot of lessons learned on that front. As far as the show goes we have maybe our best line up yet. A chess set for your vagina, a way for your kid to cause even more destruction than they already do and some very cool ski goggles. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. we would appreciate some feedback on iTunes as well!

One link – Opens all in tabs in 1 window

Vibrator Chess Set – WTF

Life Size Mouse Trap

Raytheon Exoskeleton

Child’s Power Loader Suit

Digital Golf Glove

Aphelion Alarm Clock

Bose VideoWave TV

Bond Bike

Wooden Watches – Watch Watch

Hey Sweetheart – You Can Do Better

Quick Burns

One Link

LED Vodka

Gas Mask Shirt

Heads Up Goggles

Unique Business Card

Cardboard PC

Photo Story Teller

Braille GPS

Blinged Rubik’s Cube – Make Mine Ghetto


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