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Episode 7: Welcome to the Hot Mess Express

Episode 7

Wow. Where to begin? Well, this is by far the most NSFW show to date. In fact, I will say it again: This is your fair warning. THIS SHOW IS NSFW! Now that that’s out of the way we had another fun show. Iyaz was out so Derrick from Gigawhat and Paul Chairez of Dharma Com Tech fill in for him. We hear about Aric’s obsession with sex toys and Andrew looses it and just starts screaming. Like I said, hot mess. I think you’re better off just listening to it. Or not. Links below.

One link – Opens all items in tabs in one window

Urwerk UR-CC1 – Watch Watch


Avatar Fleshlight – NSFW

Pseudomorph Self Painting Dress

Toshiba Glasses-free 3D TV – 3D Sucks

Buoyancy Bazooka

AR Walker Augmented Reality

Logitech Revue

Halo Interceptor

Quick Burns


Wii Massage Game

World’s Most Powerful Laser

Space Beer

Transparent OLED Screen

The Dube

Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone

Earthquake Door


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