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Episode 8: Straight to the Toilet

Episode 8

More Gmen potty humor this week as we start out with a hideous watch watch and then dive literally into the toilet. We also have another intentionally phallic segment, moderated by Gmen Creative Consultant extraordinaire, Jordan Nardick. We also dive into Windows Phone 7 stuff and Aric continues mocking Andrew’s phone. Probably because he feels inferior. Give it a listen and as always let us know what you think, @thegmenshow.

One Link – Opens all links, in tabs, in one window

JwlryMachine Watch – Watch Watch

Bullet Cocktail Shaker – Intentionally Phallic


Lung On a Chip

Pain Sensing Robot – I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

KLEXL Wall Painter – You Know, For Kids!

Wrist Mounted Displays – Standard Issue

Ionizing Phone – WTF

HTC 7 Surround

1964 Cell Phone – Retro Fun

Self-balancing Unicycle – You Can Do Better


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