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Episode 9: The All Robots Special

Episode 9

Oh deary me, but this episode went off the rails rather quickly. This week Andrew tried to cure his insomnia with Tequilia, much to his chagrin, but your enjoyment. Also, big news: IYAZ IS BACK! We took advantage of a rare break in his schedule and boy did it pay off. We have robots with mohawks, robots that bowl, creepy robots, sexy robot bathing suits, even more creepy robots, computer mice, useless robots and much, much more! Word of warning: We get pretty messy towards the end. That is all. As always check out the links below and let us know if you have any suggestions: thegmenshow@gmail.com and twitter.com/thegmenshow

One Link – All links in Tabs in One Browser Window

Robots are stealing our jobs and the love of our children – i09

Mohawk Robot

Bowling Robot

Robot Surgery

Mad Catz Cyborg Rat 9 Gaming Mouse

Robot Sign Waver

Robot Pop Star

Face Loving Robot

LED Implants

Artoo Deetoo Swim Suit


One response

  1. Another creepy robot to add to the list: http://io9.com/5674742/this-hyper+realistic-hospital-droid-will-console-you-in-your-last-days

    Instead of facing a violent human resistance, these bots will help us to accept our extinction when the robot overthrow humanity.

    But seriously, to use a robot (instead of a human) to console a sick/dying person in their last days? What the eff?!

    October 28, 2010 at 1:39 pm

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