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Episode 11: Boob Muffins

Episode 11: Boob Muffins

2 weeks in a row with all  the hosts present and accounted for! We were so excited we added Derrick Chen from DXStuff.com in as well. This week we start out a bit on the disgusting side with a skin printer. Mmm… Tasty. We also have cell phones that you pee on, more exciting usb powered body part warmers,  and a piece of gym equipment guranteed to make you loose wait… by vomiting at its ridiculousness. Also, you know how Bones used to give Kirk those quick, painless injections with his needless syringe? We have something like that… kinda, okay, no, it’s not that at all, but you should listen anyway.

One Link – All links in tabs in one window

STD Finding Cellphone

Skin Printers

USB Hand Warmers – U(seless)SB

PharmJet Needle-Free Injector

Mustang Super Key

Gucci 3D Glasses – 3D Sucks

Michael Jackson Wii Glove

VibroGym Swarovski – Make Mine Ghetto

Portable Breast Scanner

Alcoholic Whipped Cream

WTF Should I Make For Dinner


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