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Episode 12: Robotic Sponge Baths for Everyone!

Episode 12

Today’s episode brought to you by Four Loko. It’ll stop your heart and start it back up again. Iyaz and Aric are both out this week. Aric was in a car wreck (he’s fine and would like you all to know he wasn’t driving) and Iyaz IS a car wreck so I bring in Gmen Creative Director Jordan Nardick and Gigawhat’s Derrick Chen. It was a bit of a slow week for gadgets so I try to liven things up with a alcohol/caffeine induced story about sponge baths when I was in the hospital. I won’t spoil that for you, but we do also have some gadgets for you, including the GREATEST. SPOON. EVER. All that and more on todays exciting episode of… duh duh duh… The GMEN!

One Link – All links in one window in tabs

The TunerMatic

On Live

Wasted Watch – Watch Watch

Think Geek Spy Shirt

Splitfish FragFX Shark

Flyrad Unicylce

iPhone 3D Viewer

Credit Card for the Blind

Sponge Bath Robot

Dipr Spoon


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