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Episode 13: Horses Have 4 Legs

Episode 13: Horses Have 4 Legs

Hey, folks. We have Derrick Chen in the house again. Iyaz said he hates you all. You should send him angry emails about that. As for the rest of us that love you guys, we busted our butts to bring you all the outstanding technology unleashed upon the world this week. From crazy robotic walkers to energy from poo, this weeks Gmen has it all. P.S. If you’re wondering why I kept saying poo instead of s***, I have to edit all those out and Aric keeps me and my bleeper plenty busy without causing myself more work. Also, I feel by not swearing I keep the show classy and high brow. Links below!

One Link – All links in one browser in tabs

Grappling Hook Thingy

Inductive Roads

Eye Massager

Poop Power

DeLorean Hard Drive

Infinitec Infinite USB Drive

U(sless)SB Heated Pillow


Suicide Bomber Detecting Radar Gun

Land Crawler

Flying Turkey Pie Bomber


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