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Episode 16: Crossing The Streams

Episode 16

Ahh… potty humor. Without it we probably wouldn’t have a show. This week I mean that literally. We have one of the most awesome things to come out of Japan since Ultraman: the Toy-let! It’s even better than it sounds. We also have disappearing dresses, drink dispensing dresses, and so much more. Have a listen to Aric, Derrick and Andrew crack themselves up as special guest Joshua Caleb watches in stunned silence. It’s well worth it.

Drink Dispensing Dress
Disappearing Dress
Rubick’s Cube USB U(seless)SB
Spinal Pain Implant
Sega Toy-let
Kinect Groping Game
Titty Tracker
Porsche Sled
Sprinting Robot
Bling Gifts
Necronomicon Toys (Is it Phallic)
Spray on Stem Cells


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