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Episode 19: Aric Is a Tablet Snob

Episode 19

Still a little worn out from CES, but riding the high of the Steeler’s and Jet’s playoff wins we push forward to bring you more excellence in technology. Andrew shocks everyone with a rant about forcing people to depend on AT&T’s wireless network for possible life saving medication and Derrick waxes nostolgic about Aric’s little red dress. Most shockingly though Aric is completely unenthused about this week’s ‘Mac is Whack’ segment. It’s at this point we make a terrible discovery: Aric has become a tablet snob and is now completely uninterested by anything not involving his Galaxy Tab. He’ll be back when he finds out Samsung isn’t upgrading it to Honeycomb. All that plus butt washing goodness in this week’s exciting Gmen show.

Vitality GlowCap – WTF
Flame thrower Gloves
Microsoft Touch Mouse – Mac is Whack
Concrete Dress – Fashion Victim
Inflatable Tent
Vibrator Lamp – Self Love
Toto Portable Washlet – Japan, of Course


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