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Episode 20: Unpossible

So we’ve done 20 episodes of this thing. That in of itself seems unpossible. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning- thanks! Those of you just joining us- welcome! We hope you enjoy hearing about all this craziness. This week we’ve got tons and tons of robot helicopter related stuff. Andrew has a thing for helicopters big and small and capable of ensaving and imprisoning us. Iyaz joined in for just the most fleeting of moments and helped us decipher the mystery of 3D chalk from Crayola. Also, find out why Aric is going to be a crazy old hermit living in a cyborg-free reservation in Oregon someday. Oh! Don’t forget to send us your Vibrator designs! We know we have a talented audience so show us your stuff! Links to everything in the show are below!

Episode 20: Unpossible

Zipper Volume Jacket
Crayola 3D Chalk
Japanese Disaster House
Quadrocopter Robots
Glasses-Free 3D
Contact Lens Embedded Augmented Reality


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