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Episode 22: The Valentines Show

This week everyone was in the mood for love. Everyone, except Andrew who has a strange idea of how a date should go. Well, love has many faces. Some of those faces will end with you doing 10-20. What can you do? But that aside we have all the things you’ll need for a great, tech-savy Valentines night. You know, for next year, since the show is posting on the 15th. Words seem to fail at describing most of the contents of this show so, I’ll just give you the links and let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Love, Aric, Andrew and Jordan

Episode 22

Tanga Flip Hole – NSFW!!!! NSFW!!!!
Takara Tomy’s Ningen Gakki
Japanese Home Nose Job Machine
Windmill Bridge
Wrap a Nap
Samsung Real Time Translation concept
Coffee Table Sound System
Wireless Dice
USB Cat Mask
Shotgun Revolver
Clap Off Bra
Laser Lipo


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