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Episode 26: 2 is the loneliest number…

Today we are Phatemokid-less. You can thank Hennesey’s Tavern for that one. Be sure to let him know you miss him, twitter.com/phatemokid. Derrick and I however, push on to bring you the high quality podcasting you expect and deserve! This was a big week in the tech world and we had a wide variety of new tech to choose from. We think you’ll enjoy the selection that made the cut. First off is one of two ways to help the planet by keeping a few batteries out of landfills, a non rechargeable battery recharger. Very cool. We’ve also got a a water proof shower radio that is powered by water, so listening to Gmen helps save the planet! we’ve also got a few Eye gadgets to take a look at. A bionic eye to help restore vision to some people suffering from blindeness and robots that put medicine in your eyeball! Unless you’re Andrew, in which case no one’s going near your eyes – for any reason. All this and much, much more on this weeks Gmen show!

Episode 26

Non-rechargeable Battery Recharger
Bionic Eyes
Medicine Nanobots Go In Through Your Eye!
Water powered Shower Radio
Earbud Ampliers
Lunch Cam
Space Laser
Food Theremin


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