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Episode 28: Bring On Summer!

Episode 28

We’re back! Did you miss us? Aww…. that’s so sweet of you. We missed you, too. We’ve been quite busy lately with work and school and things of that nature, but we sat that aside so that would could get you your fix of gadgety goodness. This week were welcoming summer with a whole host of gadgets designed for you to make the most of your summer, or at least open your wallet thinking you will. LEt’s be honest you always have big ambitions for all those summer BBQs and parties you’re gonna throw, but man, they’re a lot of work. But for those who aren’t as lazy as Andrew you’ll probably find a lot of these useful. We even threw in something for Dads and Grads. God, I hate that term.

Home Beer Brewing System
Lazy Chef’s BBQ Thermometer
Throwable Fire Extinguisher
Home Lawn Striping System
Powered Surf Board
Tiny Camera USB Sticks – U(sless)SB
Video Cards


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