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Episode 30: Tangential

Episode 30

It’s been a while, but we’re back! What got Andrew off his lazy butt and back in the studio? IYAZ IS BACK! Having given up his nomadic lifestyle, he and his family have settled joining Andrew in Northern California. Nor Cal is obviously were it’s at these days. So come join us as we fumble for the lightswitch and try to remember how this podcasting thing works. Also, on a technical note, there were some issues with the recording (I said we were rusty). So those gaps you hear are not Andrew’s amateur editing skills (well not JUST his amateur editing skills). There are big things to come! So stay tuned because we should be back on a regular basis shortly!


Portal 2 Goo

Camp Fire Charger

Breathalyzer Watch

Hover Bike


Episode 28: Bring On Summer!

Episode 28

We’re back! Did you miss us? Aww…. that’s so sweet of you. We missed you, too. We’ve been quite busy lately with work and school and things of that nature, but we sat that aside so that would could get you your fix of gadgety goodness. This week were welcoming summer with a whole host of gadgets designed for you to make the most of your summer, or at least open your wallet thinking you will. LEt’s be honest you always have big ambitions for all those summer BBQs and parties you’re gonna throw, but man, they’re a lot of work. But for those who aren’t as lazy as Andrew you’ll probably find a lot of these useful. We even threw in something for Dads and Grads. God, I hate that term.

Home Beer Brewing System
Lazy Chef’s BBQ Thermometer
Throwable Fire Extinguisher
Home Lawn Striping System
Powered Surf Board
Tiny Camera USB Sticks – U(sless)SB
Video Cards

Episode 27: Tools of the Trade

This week starts out hot and heavy with a heated discussion on everyone’s favorite topic: Tablets… Yeah, I know. I’m getting sick of them, too, but they are a big deal right now and Samsung just introduced what looks to be the first real competitor to the iPad. We also have a bunch of old school spy gadgets from the cold war and a way to force baby pictures on your friends before the kid is even born! Check it out and as always please weigh in on any of the topics or suggest some of your own! @thegmenshow

Episode 27

Samsung Galxy Tab 8 & 10

Cloud Girlfriend

Opus Eleven Watch

Retro Spy Gadgets

Condom USB Drive

PreVue Pregnancy Monitor

Episode 26: 2 is the loneliest number…

Today we are Phatemokid-less. You can thank Hennesey’s Tavern for that one. Be sure to let him know you miss him, twitter.com/phatemokid. Derrick and I however, push on to bring you the high quality podcasting you expect and deserve! This was a big week in the tech world and we had a wide variety of new tech to choose from. We think you’ll enjoy the selection that made the cut. First off is one of two ways to help the planet by keeping a few batteries out of landfills, a non rechargeable battery recharger. Very cool. We’ve also got a a water proof shower radio that is powered by water, so listening to Gmen helps save the planet! we’ve also got a few Eye gadgets to take a look at. A bionic eye to help restore vision to some people suffering from blindeness and robots that put medicine in your eyeball! Unless you’re Andrew, in which case no one’s going near your eyes – for any reason. All this and much, much more on this weeks Gmen show!

Episode 26

Non-rechargeable Battery Recharger
Bionic Eyes
Medicine Nanobots Go In Through Your Eye!
Water powered Shower Radio
Earbud Ampliers
Lunch Cam
Space Laser
Food Theremin

Episode 25: Breathe It In

Episode 25

Well, we were just plum tuckered out after that iPad show. We hope it helped you make your decision on whether or not you want an ipad 2 or a tablet at all. We get back to it this week with a plethora of gadgets and gizmos. We have a Gmen first: A useless flash drive that is actually reasonably priced! In addition we’ve got stinky video games, iphones that want to take (even more of) your hard earned cash and DARPA is developing VOLTRON! Also, Derrick thinks Andrew is racist.

DARPA Voltron
Heineken USB – U(seless)SB
Video Game Smell-O-Vision
Baby Simulator
Digital Piggy Bank
LED Watch

Special: The iPad 2

Special: The iPad 2

So, in case you’re dying to hear all the pros and cons of the ipad 2, here’s your chance. If not, there will be a regular episode tomorrow. Three hosts on this show, three different opinions. Derrick takes the pro iPad 2 stance, Andrew questions tablets in general and Aric defends tablets, but not the iPad. Listen up and let us know what you think. twitter.com/thegmenshow

The iPad 2

Episode 24: G is for Healthy

Will you look at that? We accidently ended up with a theme again this week. This time it’s health related gizmos and a lot of them are very cool and practical. From a device that detects cancer to custom 3D printing of replacement body parts, we’ve got it all. Oh and because this is the Gmen show after all we’ve also got a new Wii game where you stick the controller down someone’s pants and spank them. Win. All the links are below. Enjoy!

Episode 24

Smartphone Cancer Detector
Boob on a Chip
3D Bioprinting
Laser Hair Regrowing Helmet
Stretchy Solar Skin
Wii Dare
Wii Dare you Tube Promo Video

Episode 23: G is for Green

Episode 23

It was a bit of a slow week gadget wise so this week we have a few pieces of green tech. There’s a mini hydrogen fuel cell for you guys who take your tech camping and a pair of wind up batteries as well. We’ve also got a concept for disposable flash drives made of card board and for you Trekkers, a real life Tricrorder… sort of. Make sure you listen all the way to the end to hear about the puzzling, yet incredibly awesome new racing game concept. As always your comments and ideas are appreicated: twitter/thegmenshow

Mini Fuel Cell
3-piece Watch Concept
Disposable USB Drives
Real Life Tricorder
PC Waterbed
Twist to Recharge Batteries

Episode 22: The Valentines Show

This week everyone was in the mood for love. Everyone, except Andrew who has a strange idea of how a date should go. Well, love has many faces. Some of those faces will end with you doing 10-20. What can you do? But that aside we have all the things you’ll need for a great, tech-savy Valentines night. You know, for next year, since the show is posting on the 15th. Words seem to fail at describing most of the contents of this show so, I’ll just give you the links and let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Love, Aric, Andrew and Jordan

Episode 22

Tanga Flip Hole – NSFW!!!! NSFW!!!!
Takara Tomy’s Ningen Gakki
Japanese Home Nose Job Machine
Windmill Bridge
Wrap a Nap
Samsung Real Time Translation concept
Coffee Table Sound System
Wireless Dice
USB Cat Mask
Shotgun Revolver
Clap Off Bra
Laser Lipo

Episode 21: Dirty Hot Dog

Episode 21
We get back on track following the end of the NFL play offs. Andrew and Aric are mourning the Steelers loss to the Packers, but at least they got one more game than Derrick’s Jets. We have some very cool hologram tech that surfaced just after CES this year including one featuring every nerd’s fantasy: Princess Leia. Also, are you tired of having to EAT your food? Well, if your answer is yes, this is the show for you. We’ll talk about some new and “innovative” ways to get your daily calorie intake. All that, plus Japanese twitter robots!

Double Sided USB
Kinect Hologram Hack
High Heeled Trainers – WTF, Jordan?!
HD Holograms
Creeper Humanoid Cell Phone
Inhaleable FoodMeatwater
Twitter Robot