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Episode 20: Unpossible

So we’ve done 20 episodes of this thing. That in of itself seems unpossible. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning- thanks! Those of you just joining us- welcome! We hope you enjoy hearing about all this craziness. This week we’ve got tons and tons of robot helicopter related stuff. Andrew has a thing for helicopters big and small and capable of ensaving and imprisoning us. Iyaz joined in for just the most fleeting of moments and helped us decipher the mystery of 3D chalk from Crayola. Also, find out why Aric is going to be a crazy old hermit living in a cyborg-free reservation in Oregon someday. Oh! Don’t forget to send us your Vibrator designs! We know we have a talented audience so show us your stuff! Links to everything in the show are below!

Episode 20: Unpossible

Zipper Volume Jacket
Crayola 3D Chalk
Japanese Disaster House
Quadrocopter Robots
Glasses-Free 3D
Contact Lens Embedded Augmented Reality


Episode 19: Aric Is a Tablet Snob

Episode 19

Still a little worn out from CES, but riding the high of the Steeler’s and Jet’s playoff wins we push forward to bring you more excellence in technology. Andrew shocks everyone with a rant about forcing people to depend on AT&T’s wireless network for possible life saving medication and Derrick waxes nostolgic about Aric’s little red dress. Most shockingly though Aric is completely unenthused about this week’s ‘Mac is Whack’ segment. It’s at this point we make a terrible discovery: Aric has become a tablet snob and is now completely uninterested by anything not involving his Galaxy Tab. He’ll be back when he finds out Samsung isn’t upgrading it to Honeycomb. All that plus butt washing goodness in this week’s exciting Gmen show.

Vitality GlowCap – WTF
Flame thrower Gloves
Microsoft Touch Mouse – Mac is Whack
Concrete Dress – Fashion Victim
Inflatable Tent
Vibrator Lamp – Self Love
Toto Portable Washlet – Japan, of Course

CES 2011

Episode 18 – CES 2011

We’re exhausted and more than a few of us are sick, but we push through it to bring you all the best of CES 2011.

Razer gaming netbook
Casio Tryx
Asus Eee Slider
Motorola Xoom
Blackberry Playbook
Motrola Atrix 4G
HTC Thunderbolt
Sony Ericsson Experia Arc
Samsung Infuse 4G
LG Revolution

2010 Wrap up: Andrew

There have been a lot of remarkable pieces of technology released this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t cover most of them because we were busy with off road high heels and boil buoys. Fortunately, we stopped giggling at the vibrator chess set long enough to realize we should add some real content so you, the wonderful and dedicated reader that you are, can get your money’s worth out of this show.

First off: the good. For me it was really exciting to see all the innovation in the cell phone space, most noteably by the Android headset makers. It all started when the Nexus one debuted Android 2.1 a few days before CES 2010 and leap-frogged the iPhone, setting new smart phone hardware standards. Google and company never looked back. The race was on with hardware makers seeking to best each other. It seemed like we had a new ‘superphone’ coming out every other month: The Incredible, Evo 4G, Galaxy S series and DroidX all topped off with the recent addition of the Nexus S.

In addition, we saw the introduction of Windows Phone 7. Despite sales being comparably slower then Apple and Google’s platforms, the experts agree: This OS has legs. If Microsoft can overcome Windows Mobile’s reputation they will grab a sizeable piece of the market. The early WP7 front runners seem to be the Samsung Focus and HTC HD7. With an approach combining aspects of both iOS and Android I believe Windows Phone 7 will be the product to watch in 2011. Want something more concrete? Here it is, my official prediction: WP7 will claim 20-25% of the US smart phone market by the end of 2011.

So we, the consumer, have really benefited. There are a lot of great phones out there now. Unfortunately, I didn’t get one of them. Not that the Streak isn’t a great piece of hardware – it is. However, the build of Android 1.6 it shipped with was a glitchy disappointment. Maybe things would have turned out differently if AT&T could get their crap together and push out Dell’s shiny new Froyo release. You know, the one people with an unlocked device and users in the UK have had for a month. More on carriers later.

A few other things that I loved. First off, my mobile app of the year. Even though I switched to Android in August, my app of the year is on iOS: oO Tunes. One of the things I miss most about Columbus is my radio station, CD101. Any station in Sacramento that even approaches being decent gets killed off within months. Apparently there just aren’t enough alternative music fans in the 916 to make a station viable. With oO Tunes I can stream CD101, or just about any other terrestrial station, over 3G. Love. It.

My final like for this year is the Dipr. Remember this? It was the spoon that lets you submerge the whole Oreo (or Hydrox, if your parents didn’t love you) without putting your disease riddled fingers in the milk. Genius!

And now some fail. We covered a lot of fail here on the Gmen this year. In fact, we built a show around it. Like the spray on shirt. Those guys are lucky there was partial female nudity in that video, otherwise I’d have stuck those spray cans right up their snooty French butts for inventing something so stupid. How about that 3D hologram that is supposed to remind you that kids are dumb and occasionally run in to the street without a sense of self preservation or the appreciation for the pristine condition of the hood on your ’98 Dodge Stratus? Not running over kids is a great idea, but I’m 99.879% sure this will actually lead to an increase in car accidents of the rear-ending variety. Now that I think about it, it’s probably a scam cooked up by personal injury attorneys. So go ahead and run little Holo-Suzy down when she chases that ball into the street. It’ll be cathartic.

Next, a bit of a rant on one of my least favorite topics: wireless carriers. They suck. All of them. Verizon has tons of coverage, but not enough to justify their ridiculous prices, having the slowest data speeds and loading their phones up with proprietary crapware. To top it off, they got together with Google and asked the FCC to let them have free reign over wireless data networks. The nerve! Next is AT&T. Fastest data speeds of all the carriers …for that one guy who can get a signal. Sprint and T-Mobile have great customer service, a great selection of top phones and 4G (although T-Mobile is stretching the definition of 4G a bit). Awesome, except they’re tiny. If you exist in a region covered by them, consider yourself lucky. The rest of us will just have to deal.

Finally, my ‘Full of Fail Champion 2010’: Tokyo Flash! There wasn’t anyone else even remotely close to this award in my eyes. The Japanese watch maker provided us with material for nearly every show, single handedly filling the ‘Watch Watch’ segment. I don’t think they created a single product this year that didn’t make us here at the Gmen unanimously say, “WTF?”. That takes dedication. So congrats. Your trophy is in the mail.

And to you out there in gadget land, thanks for hanging out with us. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for being awesome in general. I never thought I’d get this off the ground. Last year at CES, doing show was just a pipe dream of mine. To see how far its come, from a drunken shouting matching in a cab between me and Iyaz, to certifiable podcast with listeners and everything, is awesome. Even though we’re just getting started, 2010 has been a blast. Here’s to a great 2011! See you then!

…if I can figure out how to tell the time with my new Tokyo Flash watch.

Hiatus Holiday Bonus

The Pennsylvania Beer Special

Hey, Folks. We’re on hiatus to prepare for CES 2011 so here is a little clip from last week to help hold you over. Enjoy and we’ll see you in Vegas!

Episode 16: Crossing The Streams

Episode 16

Ahh… potty humor. Without it we probably wouldn’t have a show. This week I mean that literally. We have one of the most awesome things to come out of Japan since Ultraman: the Toy-let! It’s even better than it sounds. We also have disappearing dresses, drink dispensing dresses, and so much more. Have a listen to Aric, Derrick and Andrew crack themselves up as special guest Joshua Caleb watches in stunned silence. It’s well worth it.

Drink Dispensing Dress
Disappearing Dress
Rubick’s Cube USB U(seless)SB
Spinal Pain Implant
Sega Toy-let
Kinect Groping Game
Titty Tracker
Porsche Sled
Sprinting Robot
Bling Gifts
Necronomicon Toys (Is it Phallic)
Spray on Stem Cells

Episode 15: Tentacles and Porn, But No Tentacle Porn

Episode 15

Wow. You guys are never gonna believe this, but -actually, if you have heard the show before you will totally believe this- we didn’t have the gadget list again this week so we roll with Jordan’s suggestions. The show starts off with an amusing anecdote from Andrew about why there is no gadget list again this week. It’s much better than a simple ‘I sent it to the wrong person’ story. Joining us this week is Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday. We bring up one of Stephen’s topics, beer, and get so off the rails we had to make it a bonus that you’ll see later this week. What we do have is Creepy prosthetics, piano gloves and a MOTHER @$^@#!ING RAIL GUN!!!! Sorry, I would write more, but I have to learn karate to defend myself against the knife wielding robot. Check it out. Or don’t. We’re not pushy.

Sorry no one link. The site was shut down because it was too easy for spammers to abuse. Spamming Bastards.

Pork Deboning Robot

ReWalk Exoskeleton

Flix on Stix

Piano Gloves

Prototype Rail Gun

Vampire Hunting Multitool

Tentacle Prosthetic Arm

Augmented Reality Porn

C-3PO Bathing Suit

Episode 14: WTF Jordan?!

Episode 14

So, here’s the thing: Every week I keep track of all the awesome stuff I want to talk about on the show and email the spread sheet to myself. Then I stick it in a google doc and we all get together and edit it. Now I know what you’re saying and I can’t get to google docs at work so that’s why I e-mail it to myself. Okay, smarty pants? Anyway, instead of emailing it to me, Andrew; I emailed it to a Mendecino county social worker. She was pretty puzzled, but amused. So because of that we were left with only Jordan’s suggestions. We (and by “we” I mean Iyaz) decided just to go with it. This week’s show is the result. BIG GUNS! BIG BIKES! BIG… SHOES? On this week’s GMEN!

One Link – All links in tabs in one browser window

Lightcycle USB Drive – U(seless)SB

Augmented Reality Candy Sucking System

Replica Light Cycle

Off-road Stilettos

Laser-guided Grenade Launcher

Dynamic Braille Tablet

Sex Shuttle

Episode 13: Horses Have 4 Legs

Episode 13: Horses Have 4 Legs

Hey, folks. We have Derrick Chen in the house again. Iyaz said he hates you all. You should send him angry emails about that. As for the rest of us that love you guys, we busted our butts to bring you all the outstanding technology unleashed upon the world this week. From crazy robotic walkers to energy from poo, this weeks Gmen has it all. P.S. If you’re wondering why I kept saying poo instead of s***, I have to edit all those out and Aric keeps me and my bleeper plenty busy without causing myself more work. Also, I feel by not swearing I keep the show classy and high brow. Links below!

One Link – All links in one browser in tabs

Grappling Hook Thingy

Inductive Roads

Eye Massager

Poop Power

DeLorean Hard Drive

Infinitec Infinite USB Drive

U(sless)SB Heated Pillow


Suicide Bomber Detecting Radar Gun

Land Crawler

Flying Turkey Pie Bomber

Episode 12: Robotic Sponge Baths for Everyone!

Episode 12

Today’s episode brought to you by Four Loko. It’ll stop your heart and start it back up again. Iyaz and Aric are both out this week. Aric was in a car wreck (he’s fine and would like you all to know he wasn’t driving) and Iyaz IS a car wreck so I bring in Gmen Creative Director Jordan Nardick and Gigawhat’s Derrick Chen. It was a bit of a slow week for gadgets so I try to liven things up with a alcohol/caffeine induced story about sponge baths when I was in the hospital. I won’t spoil that for you, but we do also have some gadgets for you, including the GREATEST. SPOON. EVER. All that and more on todays exciting episode of… duh duh duh… The GMEN!

One Link – All links in one window in tabs

The TunerMatic

On Live

Wasted Watch – Watch Watch

Think Geek Spy Shirt

Splitfish FragFX Shark

Flyrad Unicylce

iPhone 3D Viewer

Credit Card for the Blind

Sponge Bath Robot

Dipr Spoon